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not receiving payment_status, but others ok

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Posted 03 December 2002 - 04:22 PM

I just set up a PHP script to handle the IPN communications with PayPal. It seems to be working for the most part. I send everything back to PayPal and it sends the VERIFIED result. The problem is that I get many parameters, but am missing some. Most notably I am missing the payment_status and txn_id parameters. I am taking everything that I get back from PayPal and sending it out to an email. Here is a sample of what I am getting back:

The following input was received from (and sent back to) PayPal:

txn_type: subscr_cancel
subscr_id: S-6XU45030EB7286616
last_name: Dike
item_name: Iliana Fischer Membership
amount1: 0.00
amount3: 10.00
recurring: 1
verify_sign: A2kkBdkpEcfXEZM-XqpEbSYlJJu3A69FMay1Uwr1IjGmqIIpzOyIvYP.
payer_status: verified
payer_email: chad@meltingsand.com
first_name: Chad
receiver_email: chad@ilianafischer.com
payer_id: DXTCJ5445PLWW
reattempt: 1
item_number: 000
subscr_date: 17:27:00 Dec 1, 2002 PST
custom: tester
notify_version: 1.4
period1: 1 W
mc_amount1: 0.00
period3: 1 M
mc_amount3: 10.00

I called PayPal tech support (after a fruitless attempt through email) and all they said was "We know that we are sending ALL of the parameters, so it must be your script". That may be, but I took their PHP code sample and it didn't seem to be getting anything for payment_status either.

By the way, this is for a subscription. Are tha parms slightly different in this case?


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Posted 04 December 2002 - 12:09 PM



Patrick Breitenbach
PayPal, Inc.
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