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Im New to this

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Posted 06 November 2002 - 03:45 PM

Hi all ! As a new member to this forum, I have yet to find out all of my resources, so please bare with me.

But I have a question.
Although I will provide you with a scenario maybe a solution can be offered.

I am working on a site for a friend, who owns a shop. He wants to be add "gift certificates" to his site. The idea is this. To create links on his site that go thru paypal in order to pay for the certificates.

Then when they come out of paypal, after paying for their certificate, they would then go to a page that is specified. On that page I would like to be able to have then enter information into a small form. The 'post' method of this form will then provide us with basic information about the transaction...

User Name:

The user name and password will be created on this form. The purpose of this is for them to be confirmed of their payment, using something like trackpay.com, and then when they are confirmed, they then become approved and the user name and password is created into a database and an email is sent to them letting them know of how they can retrieve their certificate they purchased. They would then login to the url specified within the email and then print their certificate.

Now the final step would be that the user would then go to the shop and redeem the certificate. When they do, the owner then then logs into the database and removes the user and details from the database so that the certificate cannot be used again.

The problem that I am finding out is that I can not get the Transaction ID's from the user and the seller to match. It seems af if PayPal generates specific codes for "ALL" transactions, instead of matching one single transaction number to the sale itself.

The database admin that I have uses two fields. First is the Name field. And then is the user name they created. (The original idea was to have users use their Transaction ID's as their login user names)

Now...to the question....

Is there a way or a solution that has already been created that allows me to use a different form of tracking the users. I noticed with TrackPay.com there is a spot that holds an "Invoice Number". How would I get paypal to generate invoice numbers? More importantly, random invoice numbers. I personally feel it would be easier to track certificates by invoice number or transaction ids then say email.

One thing to keep in mind with this entire thing is, that even thought John Doe purchased the actual certificate, it is a certificate and John Doe may not be redeeming this....Sam Adams will be.

I am sorry for the lengthiness, but I am a detailed person and I hope that someone would have some input as to how this could be handled.

Thanks so much.

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Posted 07 November 2002 - 01:57 AM

Hi Shannon !

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately...the database script i have is very basic and lite version. I am not knowledgable at cgi or php writing at all.

Although I think I have understood what you stated, I am not exactly sure about using the IPN. It still seems like the same thing as a single item sale to me...but I could be wrong.

Please, please excuse me ignorance. I am sorry, but hey we all have to start learning somewhere right?

Any insite or info or referals would be greatly appreciated

Thanks again !


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