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Sandbox IPN Slow

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#1 txcrew



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Posted 01 December 2005 - 10:42 AM

Just made a bunch of test orders and have discovered that the IPN on the sandbox server is running very sluggish. I do get the notifications but not until 5-20mins later. Has anyone else been experiencing this? Is this normal for sandbox? Is this the same case on the live server?

Please let me know, thanks in advance.


#2 FMaz



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Posted 08 December 2005 - 06:35 PM

Yep, really slow for me two.
over 10 minutes to test a single transaction.

Also, if a staff member read this topic, it would be nice to add a QUICK "create a dummy account" option on the sandbox... we need to put VALID info to create an account and it's pretty long and borring and hard when you already have an account.

#3 webmasta



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Posted 17 December 2005 - 01:41 AM

over 10 minutes to test a single transaction....

Yawwwwwn, wow its getting faster? My first experience with this IPN issue is the last two days.. sometimes I poke around for up to 30 mins troubleshooting and second guessing myself because I didnt know about this annoying delay, I kept testing and testing only to find that the first time it came through was for an order that I didnt even remember I placed... Yaaaawn, is anybody at paypal even awake to this?

But the real annoyance is settign up the sandbox acc, what a nitemare for a new user, even though I am technically inclined.

Why couldnt it be just a no brainer insted of adding more crap to our already overloaded brain? just sign up for a dev account give a form var name eg: 'devtest' with a value of the developer unique ID and unique email and the usual invalid test cc numbers

When the system sees the hidden devtest field with unique ID it 'knows' we are in test mode and it knows whos doing the testing... but I guess thats too simple for a system that started out as a rock bottom proposition and now balooned to a total merry go round just to test a response from the IPN -

Its now 330 am EST and I was at this since midday today tryign to figure out why I am getting INVALID response after 30 mins when all was well with the order 30 mins ago?

You think I will get a VERIFIED response anytime this century?

#4 someotherdavid



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Posted 18 December 2005 - 11:52 AM

Flat out: Am I doing something wrong or does the Sandbox IPN just plain suck?

3-5 minutes on the good ones
15+ minutes most the time
some complete no-shows

I try to do a Non-PayPal user transaction (with a become a PayPal user diversion) and PayPal says "We've noticed that you are already a (L)user - next time you should just sign in" - based on what? The same CC# as a previous transaction???? The name and email aren't in my sandbox account, so it would appear to be based on the CC#.

Is it even worth trying to use PayPal? If the live IPN is 10 times better - it's still a no-brainer: Punt (anybody using Authorize.net?)

Features fail. Bugs keep working.

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