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testing: CFHTTP.FileContent = "INVALID" always

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#1 ziggyziggy



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Posted 19 December 2005 - 10:43 AM

As someone else posted: I am having trouble with the IPN response as it always comes through with the CFHTTP.FileContent = "INVALID" instead of "VERIFIED".

I am using http://www.eliteweav...ng/ipntest.php. I am using code posted here, tried 2 formats, both the same. I think str isn't EXACTLY what I get, therefore rejectedand an invalid response given. But why?

Any ideas?????

<cfset x = GetHttpRequestData()>
<cfset str="cmd=_notify-validate&" & x.content>
<!---post back to PayPal for validation--->
<!--- https://www.paypal.c...in/webscr?#str#
FOR TESTING http://www.eliteweav...ntest.php?#str# --->

<!--- other format:
<CFSET str="cmd=_notify-validate">
<CFLOOP INDEX="TheField" list="#form.fieldnames#">
<CFSET str = str & "#LCase(TheField)#=#URLEncodedFormat(Form[TheField])#">
<CFIF IsDefined("FORM.payment_date")>
<CFSET str = str & "&payment_date=#URLEncodedFormat(Form.payment_date)#">
<CFIF IsDefined("FORM.subscr_date")>
<CFSET str = str & "&subscr_date=#URLEncodedFormat(Form.subscr_date)#">
</CFIF> --->

<cfhttp url="http://www.eliteweaver.co.uk/testing/ipntest.php?#str#" method="GET" resolveurl="no">

<cfdump var="#cfhttp.fileContent#">


#2 ziggyziggy



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Posted 19 December 2005 - 11:07 AM

It's saying my script never replied:

HTTP Status: HTTP/1.1 200 OK
IPN Received: Your script did not reply!

I have cfhttp doing other things on the server, so don't see why it wouldn't work here. Anyway, how did cfhttp.fileContent get the INVALID reply???

Here's the url In the cfhttp tag after receiving the orginal post:

http://www.eliteweav...ec 19, 2005 PDT

See any problems???

#3 ziggyziggy



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Posted 21 December 2005 - 01:51 AM

Does the Elite form just not work, or what? I can't see anything wrong except it thinks some items are not being posted back exactly the same, but when I use the "follow IPN" button my debugging output seems fine.

Anyone around this forum???

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